Meet Our Artists

Asia Alfasi

Asia Alfasi is a Libyan-British manga-influenced comic writer and artist. She was born in Libya and moved to Glasgow, Scotland at the age of 7. She currently lives in Birmingham, England. Her works synthesise Islamic, Libyan, British, and Japanese influences. Since she first started creating comics professionally in 2003, Asia has released two major publications. Her first major work, "JinNarration", was published in the Mammoth Book of Best New Manga, an anthology of works by up-and-coming young British comic artists. Her short semi-autobiographical story, "The non-savvy non-commuter", was displayed on the walls of Piccadilly Circus tube station as part of Thin Cities in 2007. Asia has won several national and international manga awards with short stories, earning her a position in London’s acclaimed 2014 “Comics Unmasked” exhibition under the banner of ‘names to look out for’. She has also spoken both nationally internationally on the importance of graphic storytelling in bridging gaps between different communities and given workshops addressing youth and comics enthusiasts. Having spent a couple of years in Libya during and after the recent revolution, she is currently re- working a semi-autobiographical graphic novel based on her childhood in Libya, as well as a series based on an Islamic Folk Tale Character “Juha: The Tales of Sheikh Nasruddin” and “Native Narratives: Libyan folk tales” with the ultimate aim of harnessing the medium as a tool for cross- cultural dialogue.” Asia has produced our latest project for Amnesty International UK: I Welcome. On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, these graphics re-imagine the stories of six strong refugee women who face terrible danger and abuse, just because of who they are. Asia also powerfully illustrated Nadia’s Story. Commissioned by CARE International UK, ‘Nadia’s Story’ is a first person illustrated testimony about the difficulties that a Yazidi refugee mother faced on her long difficult journey to Serbia, fleeing ISIS controlled Iraq.

Gabi Froden

Gabi Froden is a Swedish illustrator, writer and graphic novel artist who lives and works in London. Several of her children's books are published in Scandinavia and translated to a number of languages. Her work for PositiveNegatives (including Abike's Story and Fleeing into the Unknown) has been presented in both the Guardian, the Observer and the Huffington Post. Amongst her clients you’ll find The Guardian, the Observer, BBC, Huffington Post, NHS, The Overseas Development Institute (ODI), PositiveNegatives, Anfang, Vox Liminis, and many more.  Her work is featured in Creative Review and the new children's book that was published in May 2015 has received fantastic reviews calling Gabi's work "jubilant". Commissioned by The Guardian and facilitated by The Poppy Project, Abike's story is a first person illustrated testimony of one woman's experience of being trafficked from Nigeria to London. 'Fleeing into the Unknown: A Journey from Eritrea to England' was kindly funded by the Paul Hamlin Foundation and illustrates the journey of Merha, who escapes the extreme hardship of conscription in Eritrea and crosses Africa and Europe to reach safety in the UK. 'Fleeing into the Unknown' was  published in the The Huffington Post and launched alongside an Overseas Development Institute (ODI) policy report, Journeys to Europe: the role of policy in migrant decision-making.

Lindsay Pollock

Lindsay is a cartoonist, illustrator & film-maker based in London. His work includes Meet the Somalis, commissioned by the Open Society Foundation and produced through PositiveNegatives. Lindsay also illustrated A Perilous Journey, a trilogy of 3 comics based on testimonies taken from Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Scandinavia in July 2015. The comics were serialised in The Guardian and Aftenposten (11-13 Nov 2015). The project was generously funded by Norwegian People's Aid. Lindsay also illustrated Enrique's Shadow. Commissioned by the International Committee of the Red Cross, celebrating the International Day of the Disappeared, Enrique’s Shadow is a first person illustrated testimony about missing people in conflict. Lindsay is currently working on a graphic novel, the Vanni, co-produced with Benjamin Dix about the civil war in Sri Lanka. The book is written from first-person testimony and part-funded by the UK Arts Council.

Rob Davis

Rob Davis is a British comics artist, writer, and editorial illustrator located in Blandford Forum, Dorset. British comics magazines and features to which he has contributed include Roy of the Rovers, Judge DreddDoctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Adventures. He has also created the graphic novels Don Quixote (based on Cervantes' novel of the same name) and an original story, The Motherless Oven. His work includes Daria: A Roma Woman’s Journey, a collaboration between the UNDP and PositiveNegatives, and Dana's Story, commissioned by CARE International UK, ‘Dana’s Story’ is a first person illustrated testimony about the difficulties that a refugee mother faced on her long difficult journey to Serbia, fleeing ISIS controlled Syria.

Sophie Wolfson

Sophie has many interests which influence her artwork. She studied Anthropology at the University of Sussex and Art Foundation at Central Saint Martins. She also plays music and has an interest in neuroscience. Since leaving Sussex Sophie has been working as a freelance illustrator for the Guardian and Vice, as well as a number of charities and music organisations, She is now working on her own material for a graphic novel. Sophie produces content for PostiveNegatives’ social media channels and illustrations for Why Comics?

Tayo Fatunla

Tayo is a Cartoonist, Designer, Illustrator, Caricaturist, Storyteller, Cartoon Tutor, Visual Communicator and Motivational speaker. He is a member of CartoonArts International/New York Times Syndicate, Cartoon Movement, Cartooning For Peace and Tayo is a graduate of the prestigious Art school, The Kubert School in Dover, New Jersey. He has held exhibitions and cartoon workshops in the U.K., Nigeria, Cameroon, Finland, France, Ethiopia, the U.S., Egypt, Belgium, Italy and Ireland and has published his cartoons internationally. Tayo has produced cartoons and illustrations for school books, newspapers, magazines, and web sites. His work includes Hooked, a five-part comic of the human impact of the international drugs trade in Guinea-Bissau. Hooked was produced for the BBC 'Focus on Africa' programme and published in 10 languages.

Wael Toubaji

Wael was born in 1984 in the small, desert town of Nabek, Syria. Wael attended Damascus Fine Arts College / painting. Now Wael is based in Copenhagen, Denmark enjoys teaching himself, developing his style and techniques in animation. His work includes A Perilous Journey, a trilogy of 3 comics and animations based on testimonies taken from Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Scandinavia in July 2015. The comics were serialised in The Guardian and Aftenposten (11-13 Nov 2015) and an exhibition launched at the Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo (12 Nov 2015). The project was generously funded by Norwegian People's Aid. Illustration by Lindsay Pollock. Animation by Wael Toubaji.