**TELL YOUR STORY!! – Win the chance to have your story turned into a comic!**

In summer 2017, Why Comics? Education Charity and PositiveNegatives are running a competition in collaboration with  SCOOP Magazine and CommonEverybody.  

Children in school years 4-6 and 7-8 (age 8-12) can write a story under the theme ‘An Interesting Journey’ (physical or emotional), and the winning story will be turned into a comic by one of PositiveNegatives professional artists!

Submit up to 500 words by 22 September 2017! Email your entries to will be notified by 4 October)


Who’s behind the competition?

The award-winning non-profit PositiveNegatives has been producing literary comics, animations and podcasts about contemporary social and human rights issues, (including conflict, racism, migration and asylum) since 2012. Why Comics? is an educational charity bringing human rights and social issues into the classroom through literary comics based on real-life stories.  SCOOP is a children’s magazine aimed at engaging children with the written word in as many exciting and entertaining ways as possible. CommonEverybody strengthens school partnerships by allowing children from different schools and countries to interact and work together, learning about new places and more importantly finding common ground.   story comp