‘Maths of Migration’ Educational Resources

Suggested key stages: 3 & 4

Subjects: Citizenship, PSHE

This is part of a series of cross curricular lessons looking at stories of migration. The series is freely available – with more subjects being added in due course.

You can find the educational resources here.

NOTE: these issues may resonate with some learners, and some viewers may find the animation featured, ‘North Star Fading’ traumatic. Please watch it before showing to your class, and consider alerting learners of its nature before viewing.

You can find the educational resources here.

For more educational activities and videos bringing to life humanitarian, social and other contemporary issues, please visit PositiveNegatives education.

This educational activity was created with Oaklands School. The data is from MEDMIG, led by Professor Heaven Crawley PhD. The North Star Fading animation is created by Karrie Fransman for PositiveNegatives.