Mission & Principles

Mission & Vision Statement:

Our mandate is driven by a sense that our work should remain inspiring, reflexive, creative, participatory and, ultimately, underpinned by a shared humanity. With these values in mind, we aim to amplify marginalised voices through creative storytelling. We do so in the hopes of cultivating a more understanding world.


Guiding Principles:

Our work is supported by these guiding principles which remain the pillars of our methodology as we grow with new projects, partners, topics, geographies and art forms.

Shared Humanity

  • Honouring both diversity and interconnectedness by recognising common threads and shared understandings


  • Valuing reciprocal relationships and creating the conditions for knowledge exchange


  • Decentralised and democratised ways of making, doing and knowing


  • Exploring more equitable collaboration and representative participation

Simple not Simplistic

  • Distilling complexity while maintaining the core essence of ideas, events and people


  • Embracing radical accessibility in form and function

Experiential Learning and Immersion

  • Valuing the depth and quality of understanding that comes from immersive learning

Mindful Agency

  • Ensuring transparent, informed and supported participation


  • Prioritising lived experience and redefining notions of expertise

Critical Engagement

  • Challenging assumptions, ‘conventional wisdom’ and dominant narratives through meaningful reflexivity