Dana’s Story

Commissioned by CARE International UK, ‘Dana’s Story’ is a first person illustrated testimony about the difficulties that a refugee mother faced on her long difficult journey to Serbia, fleeing ISIS controlled Syria. Dana’s husband was kidnapped, presumed killed, by ISIS and subsequently fled with her two young children. We spoke to Dana and her children in refugee camps in Serbia in July 2016. The comic explores the vulnerabilities and dangers that war widows, and women in general, face while making these horrendous journeys with young children. These vulnerabilities increase particularly with women travelling alone, putting them at escalated risk of gender based violence. ‘Dana’s Story’ has also been published in German. Illustrated by Rob Davis.


‘Dana’s Story’ is published under a Creative Commons license. This means it can be freely downloaded, printed and used for any not-for-profit purpose as long as PositiveNegatives and the artist are attributed, and the artwork is not edited.

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