7 ways PositiveNegatives amplifies your research

7 ways PositiveNegatives amplifies your research

1. More Reach

  • Reaches a wider, more diverse audience than other research outputs
  • Expands the potential audience from tens to hundreds of thousands
  • Creates the opportunity to put the film forward for awards

2. More Engagement

  • Builds engagement and empathy through personal stories
  • Taps into the universal appeal of storytelling by turning research into art
  • Offers an innovative way to present research, with visual examples of research beyond purely pages of text

3. More Shareability

  • Provides ‘Shareable’ content for conventional and social media

4. More Flexibility

  • Makes a great talking point when used in seminars, conferences and focus groups

5. More Diversity

  • Involves artists from the Global South in international projects
  • Adds a new way of thinking to the research team by working with artists and creatives

6. More Longevity

  • Animations and comics are read and used many years after project has finished
  • Acts as educational content in schools to teach the next generation, for a bigger impact and legacy

7. More Fun

  • Offers a stimulating experience for the academic team, collaborating with artists and creatives that provide fresh perspectives

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