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Learning to Thrive

What is the role of play, agency, compassion and nature in children’s wellbeing and development? [embed][/embed] The animation was beautifully…


The MIDEQ (Migration for Development and Equality) Hub unpacks the complex and multi-dimensional relationships between migration and inequality in the…

Lives On Hold

'All the voices that everyone says they want to hear, but no-one wants to listen to. This project means being…

We See You

'We See You' is an animation bringing to life collaborative research from REACH and PRIO’s REBuild, carried out with Syrian…






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People have long recognised the power of individual stories to spark action. We harness this by turning research about people and planet into evocative stories that inspire change.








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BeyondText is PositiveNegatives’ not-for-profit partner for context-sensitive participation. From comics and award-winning documentaries, to open-source comics’ research protocols and participatory…

Listening to the Voices of Migration

For the past year Professor Heaven Crawley, the educational team at PositiveNegatives and schoolteachers in east London have developed learning…

Free Resources for Remote Learning

Discover how PositiveNegatives’ learning packs can encourage critical, creative responses to migration, refugeedom and other world issues.

Our graphic novel on the Sri Lankan Conflict

Vanni: A Family's Struggle Through the Sri Lankan Conflict is out now. Published by Penguin, Penn State University Press and…

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