Drugs & (dis)order

Drugs & (dis)order

A collaborative international research project exploring drugs and conflict in Myanmar, Colombia and Afghanistan

PositiveNegatives collaborated on 4-year interdisciplinary research consortium led by SOAS, University of London on drugs and conflict. The GCRF-funded project, ‘Drugs & (dis)order: Building sustainable peacetime economies in the aftermath of war’, is a collaboration between researchers, universities, and organisations across three of the world’s largest drug-producing countries – Afghanistan, Colombia, and Myanmar- as well as key partner organisations in the UK. We’ve collaborated with over a dozen artists and collectives from around the world, including artists from the borderlands of Colombia and Myanmar and those in the Afghan diaspora. 

Highlights & Stories

  • Watch ‘Entangled Lives‘, an animated life history of a man from Afghanistan’s Nimroz province, where the illicit drug economy is part of the fabric of society.
  • Jangul’s Story, our co-produced comic on conflict and drug trafficking in Afghanistan was featured in The Conversation and Vice.
  • Watch ‘Colombia’s Broken Peace‘, a short animated film on coca production and conflict in Colombia. 
  • Jessica, our research-based comic on illicit drug production in Colombia, was featured in Latin America Bureau.
  • Check out our collaborations with local artists in Shan State and Kachin State Myanmar, whose comics shed light on the impact of drug consumption in Myanmar’s borderland regions. 


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Featured illustrations by Kruttika Susarla & Inty Grillos.

Funded by: The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), UKRI.

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