Drawing on Rights

Drawing on Rights is a collaborative project with Barefoot College’s Enriche Programme and Hogan Lovells Citizenship addressing access to human rights in rural India.

Despite a robust legal framework around them, many people in rural India, women in particular, continue to live their lives without full realisation of the fundamental human rights afforded to them. The aim of this project is to increase knowledge and autonomy around vital issues related to human rights utilising visual storytelling and comics in guided discussions. 

Cross-Sector Collaboration

This female-led project brings together lawyers, researchers, artists, grassroots practitioners, designers and those closely impacted by human rights issues in rural India. Together, we co-produced a set of arts-based digital learning tools to be used in Barefoot Enriche’s workshops on human rights.

Primarily created in Hindi for our target audience in India, these resources were developed in collaboration with Barefoot College’s Enriche team – which have deep contextual knowledge of these issues – and with pro bono legal research on human rights provided by Hogan Lovells; over 20 lawyers from across Hogan Lovells undertook research on human rights within 18 countries. 

Issues & Characters with Local Relevance

The comics follow Asha, a teacher from a rural village, as she introduces the concept of human rights and the daily interaction she and her fellow villagers have with these rights, from gaining access to the local well to the sharing of household chores between men and women. Asha goes on to share stories about the right to education, equality, health, and freedom from violence. Each story was drawn from the real-life experiences of women at Barefoot College in order to ensure the comics closely resonated with the audience. Together with the Barefoot Enriche team, we conducted fieldwork in 2018 where we facilitated focus groups and interviews with over 50 women representative of our target audience.

The Barefoot Enriche team will be piloting the comics and animations in their workshops as part of their programme to facilitate discussions with women about upholding human rights in their communities.

Project team:

  • Sara Wong – Research & Project Management
  • Kruttika Susarla – Illustration
  • Akhila Krishnan – Creative Direction (Animation & Design)
  • Georgia Clegg – Animator
  • Shirish Malhotra & Neil Mukherjee – Sound Design & Music Composition
  • Ratnabali  Bhattacharjee – Voice Over
  • Ayesha Mago – Research Consultant
  • Anoushka Beattie Mago – Research Intern

Kindly funded by Hogan Lovells.


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