TRANSFORM: Societal Transformation in Conflict Contexts


The TRANSFORM project examines how individuals and individual deeds have inspired collective action in times of conflict and civil war in Syria, Somalia and Myanmar. 


Our Role

Working with a team of researchers at The Peace Research Institute, Oslo, alongside artists, creative practitioners and partners in Syria, Somalia and Myanmar, PositiveNegatives have produced three graphic narratives. These visual stories illustrate the lives of remarkable individuals in each of the three countries. 

By conducting interviews and carrying out co-creation workshops on the ground, we explored new ways of visualising the heroic, everyday acts that challenge dehumanising regimes and across the globe. 

The Project 

Led by Research Professor Cindy Horst at the The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), TRANSFORM asks how, in times of radical uncertainty and flux, can individual deeds inspire collective action or lead to new institutional practices in ways that determine the direction a society takes? What can we learn from conflict contexts about the driving forces of societal transformation?

You can find about more about the TRANSFORM project here.


To get in touch about this project, please contact [email protected].

Funded by: Research Council of Norway

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