PRECNIGHTS is an ethnographic project on labour migration and precarity, focusing on the essential, yet invisible, women migrant night workers (WMN) in Ireland. 

To find out more about the research behind the comics, please visit the PRECNIGHTS website here.

Through an innovative interdisciplinary and ethnographic approach, the research will impact scholarly debates on migration, and will inform key Irish and European stakeholders on migrant workers’ rights.

PRECNIGHTS’ objectives are to:

  1. Unpack how are WMN expected to perform their gender in nightwork;
  2. Explore factors that affect WMN’s responses to invisibility and precarity;
  3. Examine how management practices and work culture impact WMN’s understanding and crafting of their self-presentations; and
  4. Unpack the structural invisibilisation and precarisation of WMN.

PRECNIGHTS aims to make visible WMN through an intersectional methodology that not only examines precarity, migration, gender and nightwork, but also focuses on how each of these four dimensions magnifies the lived experiences of the others; and, further, through ground-breaking, digital, and nocturnal ethnography that captures night experiences. Together, these enable an inclusive analysis of the lack of ‘power and privilege’ and the forms of ‘oppression and inequality’ faced by WMN. PRECNIGHTS, thus, uniquely contributes to scholarly efforts and policy work dedicated to understanding the contemporary European labour migration regime, which produces conditions of marginality in urban settings, not just in Ireland, but also in other EU contexts.

PRECNIGHTS is funded under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) | Grant №: 101063938

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