The Challenges of War

In 1991 Somalia descended into a bloody conflict. Thirty years later, the the country is yet to fully emerge from its civil war and the cycles of violence over these decades have taken a terrible toll on ordinary Somalis. Millions have fled their homes while those who have remained face significant hardships.

These three comics, illustrated by artist Pat Masioni, were produced for the charity Peace Direct. They tell the stories of Ayaan, Lembaka and Abdi, whose experiences reflect those of thousands of Somalis. These graphic narratives are a testament to the resilience and bravery of people across Somalia, who are determined to build secure futures for themselves and their families.

Peace Direct is an international charity dedicated to supporting local people to stop war and build lasting peace in some of the world’s most fragile countries. Led by local people, they tackle the causes of violence at the root, and rebuild lives after war has torn communities apart. They are dedicated to making peace a practical option, ensuring local people have the skills and resources to make it a reality.

Together with PositiveNegatives, Abdi’s, Lembaka’s and Ayaan’s comics were created from personal testimonies, bringing to life the effectiveness and potential of peace building.

The three comics in ‘The Challenges of War’ are published under a Creative Commons license. This means they can be freely downloaded, printed and used for any not-for-profit purpose as long as PositiveNegatives and the artist are attributed, and the artwork is not edited.

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