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Connecting During Covid

Focusing on the Brazilian, Indian and Somali communities in London, Glasgow and Cardiff, the film examines life during lockdown. 

Length: 06:09

Partners: Queen Mary, SOAS, UCL - University of London

Credits: Diana Garcia (illustrator & animator), John Servante (script writer), Dr Benjamin Worku-Dix (Director)

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted social, economic and mobility patterns in the UK and around the world. We are interested in the experiences of people of migrant backgrounds, and how they are connecting across borders and within communities at this time. Focusing in particular on the Brazilian, Indian and Somali communities, the project examines people’s experiences of life in the UK, as well as remittance and care activities that link people with their family, friends and communitiesand the extent to which these may have changed during the pandemic. This 18month project is funded by a grant from the UK Research and Innovation’s ESRC Covid-19 research scheme