We See You

We See You‘ is an animation bringing to life collaborative research from REACH and PRIO’s REBuild, carried out with Syrian students and teachers in Lebanon. The animation was created with Syrian artist Sawsan Nourallah and award winning Syrian screenplay writer Iyad Abou Chamat. 



Refugee young people go to school while displaced because they imagine that opportunities will follow. These opportunities are short-term and long-term, small and large. They wish to pass their end-of-year exams and proceed to the next level of school. They wish to go to university and become vets and engineers and teachers. They wish to build relationships with peers and feel happy and secure. They wish to contribute to their communities—both to their conflict-affected home places and to the places they find themselves at that moment.

But the opportunities that refugee young people imagine will follow from their education are often limited. They are frequently unwelcome in their places of exile, experience constant fears that their refugee status will be taken away, and face severe limitations on access to higher education and the rights to work, own property, and be contributing members of society

How can education for refugees narrow the gap between the opportunities refugee young people imagine and those that are plausible in these settings of extreme marginalization? 

This research sought to explore this topic, and is the subject of the animation. For more information on this research please visit REACH.

This research was funded by the Research Council of Norway.

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