This resource has been created to support learners at Key Stage 3 and 4, and their educators, to engage with FGC – female genital cutting – as a global citizenship and human rights issue that affects everyone.

The resource is built around a short animation called ‘Aissata’s True Story: Choosing a world free from FGC’ and an accompanying comic version of the animation.

The content of this resource may include concepts, terminology and areas of learning that are relatively new to both learners and educators. FGC is a serious and sensitive issue and because of this we have worked closely with educators and experts in supporting those subjected to FGC in order to suggest a learning pathway through this resource.

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Common guidance

As the content covered by these resources could be considered controversial or sensitive, we recommend that all educators take a few minutes to read through the following ‘Choosing a World Free From Female Gential Cutting’ resources before using any of the activities with learners

These resources were created by Lifeworlds Learning.