Diana Garcia

Animator & Illustrator

Colombia, United Kingdom

Diana is a Colombian-born Animation Director and Illustrator. She holds an MA in Character Animation (Central St Martins) and BA in Graphic Design (Southampton). Her work focuses on themes of social, educational, and humanitarian issues and she has worked on projects for a diverse range of clients, from non-profit organisations and charities to theatre and Opera (Skype, Microsoft,  English National Opera, Vault Festival (Stardust, Galvanised) Refugee Youth, Wretched of the earth, Rascal Theatre, EmpathEyes Theatre). Her work is created digitally with a unique, handcrafted feel, using texture and colour to bring warmth and personality to every drawing and frame. She is passionate about the power of visual storytelling, animation and illustration as a tool to tell personal stories and testimonies, particularly around migrant and refugee experiences.

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