Dr Toni Cela

Research Associate. Migration Specialist.


Toni is an award winning anthropologist specialising in migration and education; anthropology of disaster and recovery; disaster health; Haitian youth identity formation; anthropology of education; and diaspora and development. She received her doctorate in anthropology of education from Columbia University, NY.  She has worked as an educator in the US and Honduras and conducted research in Haiti, Ghana and Senegal. She has received numerous awards including: the Council on Anthropology and Education Concha Delgado Gaitan fellowship; the National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation Dissertation fellowship award; the U.S. Fulbright Scholar Award in Haiti and a National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH/NIDA) fellowship. She is the Coordinator of the Inter university Institute for Research and Development (INURED) in Haiti and affiliated faculty at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida.

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