We help academic research reach a wider audience.

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What we do

We create compelling animations, comics and podcasts about pressing social, humanitarian and environmental issues.

How we do it

Our team combines ethnographic research with creative techniques to transform personal stories into art, education and advocacy materials.

Why we do it

Our mission is to bring academic research to a larger mainstream audience, so it can have a bigger impact.

Who we work with

We collaborate with leading global organisations, spanning the worlds of academia, NGOs, arts and media.

The impact we have

While every project is unique, as it’s shaped by the research, here are some key examples:

BBC animation viewed by 90 million people in a week

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Graphic advocacy presented to UK parliament

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Syrian migration comics exhibited at the Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo

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Our origin story

Stories are a universal language, connecting with audiences across countries, cultures and communities. Our Founding Director, Dr Benjamin Worku-Dix, discovered their power during his Anthropology PhD.

He explored the use of sequential art to represent complex testimonies from Sri Lankan Tamil communities. The resulting art, and its galvanising effect on audiences, inspired the growth of PositiveNegatives into the global visual research organisation it is today.

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