PosNeg Learning

PositiveNegatives encourages learners to make connections between their own lives and the lives of others in the world, by unlocking vital research through storytelling. By collaborating with educators, researchers and artists in formal and informal education we co-create free educational activities encouraging empathy, critical, reflective thinking on vital global themes.


'Dear Habib'

These resources are built around a short animation called ‘Dear Habib’ that shares the story of one young person and their experience of coming to the UK.


These resources have been created to raise awareness about young people living in the UK who may be undocumented (also known as having ‘irregular status’).

'Maths of Migration'

These resouces are part of a series of cross curricular lessons looking at stories of migration.

'The Croydon Avengers'

These resources can be used to engage students with topics such as identity, discrimination and media presentation.

'Choosing a World Free From Female Genital Cutting'

These resources can be used to engage with FGC – female genital cutting – as a global citizenship and human rights issue that affects everyone.