Access to safe abortion is highly restricted in Malawi. As a result many young women and girls are driven to end pregnancy through dangerous methods.  

Working with researchers and employees at the LSE and IPAS Malawi, PositiveNegatives co-produced ‘Mphatso’s Story’. This animation tells one young woman’s story of unsafe abortion.

I don’t want to drop out of school and get married. You know I want to be a teacher one day. I still want to go to university…

– Mphatso 

‘Mphatso’s Story’ is available in both English and Chichewa


Scriptwriter: Singalilwe Chilemba

Illustration & creative direction: Sakina Saidi

Animation & creative direction: Elmaz Ekrem

Voice talents: Tiseke Chilim, Theodora Chapeta, Kelvin Zalimba, Yesaya Nkhwazi Sound design & music: Rowan Bishop

Research and development: Luke Tembo, Tamara Fetters, Professor Ernestina Coast

Research and production: Dr Laura Price, Emily Oliver


Funded by & created with