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*NEW* Release: Aissata's Story

Aissata's Story, the true story of a community renouncing Female Genital Cutting (FGC).

Check out our latest project 'Migrants on the Margins'

Find out more about the experiences of four migrants living on the margins in four of the world's most pressured cities - Harare, Hargeisa, Dhaka and Colombo.

Have you read 'Safer From Harm'?

Our latest project shares the stories of three people affected by the use of drugs in different ways.

Humanitarianism and Art Talk

Listen to our Executive Director, Dr Benjamin Dix, speak at the Watson Institute on the process of adapting personal testimonies into art, advocacy and educational materials.  

PositiveNegatives produce literary comics, animations and podcasts about contemporary social and humanitarian issues. We combine ethnographic research with illustration, adapting personal testimonies into art, education and advocacy materials.